Sample SOP For Canada Visa After Refusal


Statement of Purpose

Visa Officer,
Canada High Commission, 
Immigration Department,

Sub: Request for grant of visa

Dear Sir/Madam,
I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the committee for reconsidering my application. I would like to introduce myself as an avid learner, desiring to explore the scope exhibited by the domain of International Business Management with the program offered by Durham College, Canada. I wish to bring your notice to the fact that I had earlier applied for the visa, but my application got rejected saying,

“I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.”

Therefore, with this application, I have put forth my honest zeal to study in Canada and pave bright career pathways in India. I have no intention to set up a life in Canada, and the following are the reasons to support my statement.

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Personal Reason
With a purpose in your mind and hope in your heart, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from attaining what you set your eyes to. I have led all my life with such persistence and never let my enthusiasm slip a bit. To ensure my self-esteem stands undefeated, my beloved family and friends consistently stood by me. Having been born and raised in a disciplined yet vibrant family, I didn’t take much time to develop the consciousness to realize my dreams. My family has always been with me, supporting me endlessly to pursue my dream and backing me up in my every decision. We are a family of five, consisting of my grandfather, father, mother, elder brother, and myself.

My father has been a successful business in fashion retail over the last 25 years. He owns several Delhi NCR stores and works closely with a very well-known brand called Raymond. To add, my mother is a <Mention her occupation> and my elder brother is currently freelancing as an architect. My entire family is well-settled in India, and I have no intention or plans to live without my family.

My dream is to make a meaningful career trajectory in the field of Business on Indian soil and make my family proud of my professional accomplishments. So, I would like to assure the committee that my family is what matters to me the most, and I wish to be with them till my last breath. To put it simply, I will leave Canada once I complete my degree, return to my homeland and join my father’s business.

Professional Reason
Upon completing this program, I desire to return to India, my native country where my heart lies and my family resides. I believe this international program will inculcate me with exhaustive knowledge of the Business world and familiarize me with the know-how of commencing, scheduling, implementing, directing, and concluding large-scale projects. Thus, upon my arrival to India, I wish to direct my knowledge bracket to join my father’s business and accelerate the company’s pace of growth. In the initial years, I aim to be well-versed in business operations and marketing and address the issues with an informed approach.

After dedicating some years herein, I aspire to contrive the action of the plan and take the Business to greater heights. Given the leadership and managerial flairs that I intend to gain from this program, I am assertive that I will establish myself as a renowned entrepreneur of my time, profoundly indulging into generating significant revenues with every passing year; and subsequently refining the word ”success”. All things considered, this program is a gateway to my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launching my career in the desired direction. Thus, all my goals, be it professional or personal, are meant to be flourished in India with my beautiful family, which is why there is no reason for me to stay in Canada after the program.

Academic and Professional Background
On an academic front, I believe every staircase that I stepped on prepared me for the journey ahead. After passing my matriculation with a 10 CGPA, I went on to take Commerce and Mathematics in my intermediate and passed it with 89%. For my Bachelor’s, I decided to opt for a Bachelor of Commerce from Dyal Singh College, Delhi University. My bachelor studies nourished my intellect with a comprehensive understanding of marketing and business strategies. During my college days, I was also a prominent part of my college’s music society, where I managed the social media page and aided with the marketing of the society and its events. In 2019, I also interned at S.R. Creations in the role of Marketing and Promotions Intern.

In my tenure of 5 months, I have marked my active participation in promotional and marketing strategies for Raymond Shop, which took part in offline and online mediums. As my educational and family background gave me a concrete idea about the business world, my internship taught me a lot about the marketing world.

Why International Business Management from Durham College?
With the insistent advancement in the sphere of innovation, the world of Business witnessed a notable surge in the last few decades and continues to be on the slope of development. Growing up, seeing my father’s conduct to manage his Business and his visions to take critical decisions were something that would raise my curiosity level. As a passionate kid, I have decided to follow my father’s footsteps and branch out the horizon of our family business. As time went by, I came closer to the field of Accounting, Business Studies, Business Management, Strategical Marketing, and developed an unwavering desire to grasp the nitty-gritty of it.

As the BBA program added fuel to my interest, the scenarios that I witnessed with respect to my family business cemented my decision to go for a higher program in International Business Management. At this point in my life, attaining this international course from Durham College, one of the renowned and oldest Colleges of Canada, would be a dream for me. There are many reasons that contributed hugely to affect my decision to choose this college. To begin with, the immaculately designed course content is what grabbed my attention, providing me with the all-embracing exposure in project planning management, report writing, international marketing, International Business Development, and so on.

Besides conferring me with incredible educational training, the college is highly cherished for providing a practice-based setting, industry-centric exposure, real-time projects, and a successful legacy of placing numerous students in their dream companies. Furthermore, they are partnered with the City of Oshawa and other universities in the area, to establish a better learning experience for the students. The college is a Platinum accredited partner of the FITT, Forum for International Trade Training, and thus, there isn’t a better institution I could think of to acquire education in the field of International Business Management. Taking everything into account, I believe this program is like a shining beacon for my career, which will reward me with a wealth of opportunities in approaching years and furnish me with the requisite management tools and leadership learnings.

Why Canada?
Canada presents itself as a vibrant and productive land where international students come to thrive in their respective domains. Home to some of the most celebrated universities worldwide, Canada takes pride in housing a top-notch educational structure, cordial people, diverse settings, and state-of-the-art living. On top of that, the course content that Canadian universities provide is par excellence and goes easy on the pocket as compared to other countries. Therefore, Canada has everything it stores that I sought to get in the International land.

Lastly, I would like to pronounce that I belong to wealthy family background and have sufficient funds to cover all my expenses in Canada. My parents are delighted with my decision to pursue this course in Canada and happily agreed to sponsor my education in Canada. I have applied from SDS Category and have paid my first-year tuition fees, which is 16,870 CAD. Adding to it, I have also deposited 10, 200 CAD in CIBC Student GIC Program. My family’s net worth is Rs. 5,49,12,083, which is 9,25,224 CAD. Talking about Immovable properties, we own 3, 65, 01, 000, which is 6, 15, 012 CAD, and movable properties, we have 1, 84, 11, 083, which is 3, 10, 212 CAD. To give you a clear view, I have attached my financial documents that will give an overview of my mother and father’s financial status. Furthermore, I have cleared the IELTS exam with an overall band of 7 (Listening-8.0, Speaking- 6.5, Reading- 7.5, and Writing- 6.5).

I would like to retake this opportunity to clarify that I have a family to take care of and properties to oversee in future. So, there is no way I plan to stay in Canada after the program. However, I am thrilled to open a new chapter in Canada by the course of this program and am determined to adhere to the immigration protocols while being in Canada. So, I, now, would like to appeal to the committee to extend their thoughtful approach to my application and grant me an opportunity to study in Canada.

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