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Sample SOP For Canada For Study Permit


The Visa Officer,
The Canadian High Commission,
New Delhi.                                                   

Subject: Application for a Canadian study permit

Sir/ Ma’am,
I hereby extend my warm gratitude to the committee for the perusal of my application. My name is Griva Daxeskumar Patel and I hail from Gujarat, India. As an avid learner, I am keen to widen my educational catalog through the course of Cyber Security offered by Loyalist College, and have received a letter of acceptance from the institute as well. This application throws light on my candidature and my motivation for pursuing this course. 

Academic Background
My scholastic journey has been a cherishing affair, during which, I addressed my interests and ambitions. I have completed my higher secondary education with 67.84% from Kasturba Kanya Vidhyalaya School which is affiliated with the Gujarat Board of Secondary Education. Upon completing my higher secondary education and finding my ‘calling’ to computer engineering, I got enrolled at Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute Of Technology backed by Gujarat Technological University, and completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering with an astonishing 8.75 Cumulative Grade Point Average. Here, I got introduced to the fundamentals of many computer engineering subjects including Artificial Intelligence, C Language, Java, Web Data Management, Compiler Design, Information and Network Security, Distributed Operating System, Advanced Java, Cyber Security, Computer Networks, as well as Operating System; in all of which, I scored BB grade or above which is equivalent to 8-grade points or above on a scale of 10. As Java and C Language piqued my interest, I scored an AA grade in both subjects which is equivalent to 10 on 10-grade points.

Why Cyber Security?
With the entire world inclining towards digitization and economic activities shifting to the internet, Cyber security has emerged as the most valuable thing in recent times. Be it the matter of national security or important business deals, protecting data and systems has become the imperative goal. According to recent reports, India faces around 3,137 cyber security-related issues every day in the year 2020. It means there is no dearth of opportunities for professionals to achieve excellence in the cyber world. It is my keen urge to set foot into the cyber world which has persuaded me to go for this course.

My perpetual fondness for this realm has started blossoming during my engineering degree while encountering subjects like Artificial Intelligence, C Language, Java, Web Data Management, Compiler Design, Information and Network Security, Cyber Security, Computer Networks, and so on. These subjects not only introduced me to the colossal setting of Cyberspace but also made me realize my true penchant. I discerned the imperativeness that Cyber Experts adds to modern times and how they create a wall against cyber-attacks. As my passion for the Cyber world has augmented largely in all these years, I have been convinced that it is my innate passion to become a cyber-warrior and serve the companies to the best of my ability. However, to make a lucrative career as a cyber-security expert, I entail an in-depth knowledge of this field, which can only be acquired through a higher degree program. 

Through this program, I wish to dive into the enriching set of curriculum and develop a resolute vision to become a consummate professional in the approaching years. With the global exposure, a brilliantly designed academic exposure, and an opportunity to explore Co-Op, I am certain that this program will endow me with the skills and knowledge that I necessitate to shine as a Cyber Security Expert in the approaching years. 

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Why Loyalist College?
 Browsing College’s website, I am high Impresses with accomplished faculty members, environment, and facilities the college has to offer to its students. I also realized that the curriculum offered at this college is designed to meet the demand of Cyber Security Experts. I am eager to delve into the curriculum that this program encapsulates and imbibe the subjects such as Cryptography and Data Encryption, Artificial intelligence for Smarter Cyber-Security, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, e-commerce and Web Security, Wireless Communication and Mobile Security, Secure Network Infrastructure, and Routing and Switching. Not just that, the program offers Cyber-Security Co-Op in the last semester, which grabbed my attention. I have concluded that the cybersecurity program offered by this college is excellently structured to match my requirements. I believe that studying in this college with high-tech facilities; excellent faculty and highly suitable environments is of utmost necessity to achieve new heights in life.

Why Canada?
Canada encompasses top-notch educational institutions, state-of-the-art infrastructure, rich cultural diversity, and affordable living, and thus, providing international students a platform to grow and rise in their respective domains. With a special focus on the practical facet of learning, Canadian universities have immensely applauded on the global stage. Having roots in the engineering arena, I was seeking a platform where I can get practical knowledge with plenty of real-time projects. As Indian universities give more precedence to a theoretical set of learning, I was convinced that my Canadian education will satiate my zest to grasp practical erudition. The fact that a Canadian degree is more valued in India and the cost of attaining the same goes easy on pocket has cemented my decision of choosing Canada as my ideal destination.

Future Goals
Post the closure of the program, I wish to return to my homeland, India, and devote my skill-set to land a concrete job in the leading organization in India. India has witnessed a consistent surge in digitization and online practice in every possible domain, highlighting the role that Cyber Security plays in the world of business. Thus, it is evident that the Indian job market exhibits a copious amount of opportunities for enthusiasts who possess an essential set of skills to thrive in the professional world. I aspire to make most of the booming prospects persisting in the fruitful land of India and will prove my diligence as a Cyber Security expert and Business Data Analyst in the coming years. This international degree would open a wide door of opportunities for me to try my hand in the sectors like retail, medical, defense, and e-commerce and will also grant me an edge over other professionals. Some years down the line, I envision coming across as a high-rank professional of this domain, setting forth my ingeniousness and conduct to bring value to the cyber world.

Family Ties 
Due to the incessant support of my family, I have come this far in my trajectory and visualized a bright career path for myself in the times ahead. We are a family of three, consisting of my father, my mother, and myself. While my father is a businessman, my mother is a homemaker. It is their unwavering encouragement that made me go for this degree and I intend to multiply the value of their love and support by making them proud of my achievements. It is my dream to be with my parents in their old age and support them to my fullest. As their only child, it is my responsibility to take care of my parents and I do not want to step back from my responsibilities at any cost. Thus, I wish to return to India upon completing my degree and fulfill my family’s obligations in the best way possible. 

 I, hereby, affirm that I am mindful of all immigration protocols and I am determined to abide by the same during my stay in Canada. Also, my parents are generously agreed to sponsor my education in Canada and have adequate funds to cover my expenses in the land of Canada. Hence, I assure the committee that I have sufficient funds to back my living in Canada and accomplish my study within the authorized study permit duration. All the documents highlighting my financial worth have been enclosed with the application for your kind reference. Moreover, I have cleared my IELTS examination with an overall band of <Mention your score> (Listening- <Score>, Reading- <Score>, Writing- <Score>, and Speaking- <Score>. 

 I earnestly hope that this application is meeting the obligatory criteria and is clearly demonstrating my honest zeal to attain education in the land of Canada. I would be obliged if my application will be viewed considering the above-stated facts.


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